Your Company’s Commitment To Culture, Diversity, and Total Compensation


  • As we’ve discussed in this unit, HR Departments are often tasked with clearly communicating the benefits their company provides to employees and potential job applicants. This is a critical part of the Human Resource Management Function in that becoming the “employer of choice” will help land your company the best available talent (employees) and keep employees from leaving for other opportunities. The HR Department is also responsible for continuing the company’s commitment to developing company culture while also pursuing a diverse workforce (different races, ages, genders, religions, nationalities, etc).


  • Using websites provided below and other ideas we’ve discussed, create a PPT presentation you’ll use to highlight the benefits, culture, and diversity your company embraces. This will be used to attract and retain the best employees in the labor market.


  • Think about the examples we’ve discussed in class about various companies’ benefit offerings and their company culture statements.

  • You can view the examples below to get some ideas that you can include in your PPT presentation.

  • Create a 10-slide PPT highlight what your company has to offer.

  • Assign who will speak about certain slides and how the presentation will flow.

  • Present to the class.


  • Benefits:

    • Onsite gyms, daycare, health centers (nurses, quiet rooms, etc), cafeterias, employee parking, telecommuting opportunities, etc.

    • Health Insurance, Life and Disability Insurance, Paid Time Off (vacations and sick leave), Retirement Plans, etc.

    • Company Culture:

      • What kind of culture does your company embrace? Look at examples of the websites below.

      • Diversity:

        • How important is diversity to your company? Tell us just how committed you are to pursuing a diverse workforce.

Website Examples: