The Human Resource Department is given numerous responsibilities including finding, selecting, and training new employees. They're also responsible for catering to certain needs of existing employees including benefits, complaints, additional training, evaluations, etc. They play a vital role in educating employees while simultaneously protecting the company from potential lawsuits.

In this assignment, you are going to research cases in which communication and training broke down thus exposing companies to lawsuits from employees, job candidates, and/or customers.


Using Google and a piece of notebook paper, research and summarize a previous, existing, or future case involving each of the topics below. You should have a total of 6 cases researched once you complete this assignment. Remember to use key word searches like "Sexual Harassment Lawsuit" and so forth. Each summarization should have a minimum of 5 sentences involving who is the case involving and what is the case about (details). Be thorough with each summarized case.

1. Discrimination Lawsuit
2. Reverse Discrimination Lawsuit
3. Age Discrimination Lawsuit
4. Sexual Harassment Lawsuit
5. Back Pay Lawsuit
6. Employee Injury Lawsuit