1. Select an Entrepreneur who interests you or whom you admire (if you can’t immediately think of one, think about companies and/or products you like – then, use Google to find the entrepreneur behind the business).

  1. Research your Entrepreneur
    1. Their past (growing up, education, job history, hobbies, etc)
    2. Why they chose to start their own business (did a certain event happen? What finally drove them to start their company)
    3. How they did it (became an Entrepreneur – events before and during their start-up. The first couple of years, struggles, growth, etc).
    4. Identify characteristics and skills he/she possesses that helped them become successfule.

  1. Research their company
    1. Their products or services
    2. Competition
    3. Their competitive edge (fashion, quality, price, etc)

Create a colorful and detailed brochure on your findings. Take your time and be creative!